Writing sample:


Tempest or gentle breeze
She alone chooses
Playful child
Unencumbered by some concern
Of where she may sojourn
To arrive and depart
In any season
With no violence incurred
For the sails of youth
Collect their life
Preserving the essence
Of renewal unfettered
As it must be
With no measure applied
No prevarication
Freedom is
Our precious entity

......Dave T   November 2004

  and they never listen

I stood screaming
the message of wrongs
I had seen with my eyes -
Peace signs. Burning monks.
Dead students.
Guardsmen they were
defending the peace
in the west
and in the east.
They think I'm crazy,
an ole man gone nuts.
I wasn't really there
when it happened.
Be quiet they whispered
you don't know
you can't know
you're not like us,
we can see for ourselves with our own eyes
they are clear and bright.
We don't need yours
they are old and slow -
and its true, I know.
We don't want to hear
the unbearable sorrow
of which you speak;
its of your time not ours.
Again bombs explode,
again bullets pierce young eyes
that are clear and bright.
They can see for themselves.
And they never listen.
Now i will go -
they can see
for themselves.
i stand screaming.

......Dave T   June 2005