Centennial Bike Trail Pictures - East Snohomish county, Washington State
Click on these images for larger versions. ( The filesize is large and they will take a long time to load if you have a slow connection.) These pictures were taken on one of the rides north towards Edgecomb (about 1 mi. south of Arlington) (in early April 2005 ) starting from about 2 miles north of Snohomish. Traveling north, the order is from left to right, top to bottom. The upper left starts about 2 miles south east of Lake Stevens and the new section of trail, and the lower right is about 2 miles from the north end at the Armar Road Trailhead ( Edgecomb ). The round trip from Snohomish to Edgecomb is about 34 miles.
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creek near maltby on centennial trail
Little Pilchuck Creek near Machias
on the Centennial Bike Trail
on the outskirts of Lake Stevens
On the north side of Lake Stevens
Several miles north of Lake Stevens
About 1/2 mile north of the picture to the left
several miles north of Lake Stevens
About 1 mile north of the last picture
centennial trail forest picture
Cedars and a large maple tree
Maple tree with ferns
This maple tree is very large.
My guess is more than 4 ft. dia.
and those are ferns in the branches
East of Marysville on centennial trail
East of Everett on centennial trail
east of Everett Washington
East of Marysville Washington
view from the hill
View from the hill Northeast of Marysville
North east of Marysville
North east of Marysville
North east of Marysville
About 1000 feet north of the last
picture on the left of this one